So, I don't really make New Year's Resolutions but I did have some goals I wanted to accomplish this year! My goals really for this year are:
  1. Lose Weight- doesn't everyone have this on their list? Hopefully I'll stick through it, mostly for long term health reasons.
  2. Paying off Debt- another one almost everyone has, that or saving money. Well, my goal this year is to do both! Total debt to pay off this year without the house is: $28,811. That includes credit cards, student loans, medical bills and my car. 
  3. Garden- I am starting a garden since I have my own yard to do it in and hopefully save on the grocery end of my budget and help on the health side of my goals. BOOM! 2 in 1!
  4. Home improvements- Aren't these always around? I really want my kitchen redone (it's very 1970's). But that has to come after the debt payoff. These are more little around the house projects, like rooms that need to be painted. Or...ya know...completely unpacking the boxes from our move. 

What are some unusual New Year's Resolutions you have this year? 



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