OMG! It's such a great feeling to have paid off another debt! $1,256 on a credit card is gone! Now I will be moving onto the next debt! How is your debt payoff going? 


04/19/2017 2:15pm

Whether you are a financial firm, a stock broker, or affiliated with the financial world in any other way, a printed brochure is a great way to get information to your clients in an organized, professional way. A professionally printed brochure is a great tool to use in order to deliver information such as graphs, pie charts, and any other information that your clients would need to understand. Brochures are great informational tools because they are small and easy to read and understand.

04/23/2017 5:25am

If you could learn how to fix your own credit and save yourself hundreds of dollars wouldn't it make sense to learn how? Why give your personal information to someone else to fix your Credit. There is tons of free Credit Repair information available to show you the ropes. Some companies charge over 2000 dollars to do. Some charge you $99.00 and then charge you month after month after month after month FOREVER until basically your credit would have been fixed anyway because 2 years have gone by!! Join a Self Help Credit Repair Community and get yourself back on the road to better credit and loan approvals.

04/25/2017 5:19am

Most financing sources are reluctant to take on the risk of financing equipment that they may be required to re-market one day, but are unable to move. Many of them know that a small percentage of the transactions they underwrite will not work out, requiring them to repossess and re-marketing the equipment to recover as much of their investment as possible. Custom-equipment presents a huge challenge in that it offers virtually no backstop should all other exit channels fail. Find out how savvy startups convince financing firms to finance needed custom-made equipment.

04/28/2017 10:59pm

It is such a relief to pay the debts. I really get scared of purchasing anything by credit cards as it would be hard to pay back again. I am glad your are going to the next level and hope it would be the easy process of debts for everyone.

05/06/2017 10:56pm

Common small business issues concerning debt and credit problems. Solutions and suggestions for action to resolve past due business debt matters and collections action.

05/31/2017 2:35am


Indeed, as debts are one of the biggest problems to be resolved.


After paying, it feels like putting too much weight off from your head.


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